More spoons added each week
More spoons added each week
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All Oh Pioneer utensils are made from ethically-sourced silver birch, hazel, cherry or sycamore wood and finished with beeswax.

All products are made from natural wood, so I have to go with the flow of Mother Nature and follow the natural grain of the individual piece of wood. 

Although some spoons may be similar in size and form, I do not carve batches of the same spoon, meaning that no two spoons are identical. Your spoon is unique.

To ensure your spoon lasts a lifetime, oil it occasional with a dab of beeswax, flaxseed or walnut oil. Or purchase a pot of Oh Pioneer's Spoon Balm (coming soon!).

Do not put in dishwasher, please hand wash only.


The beautiful markings in the spalted silver birch wood I use are caused by a natural, non-toxic fungus. As the wood dries, the fungal growth stops, way before it's even considered for spoon carving.

Once carved and dried, the spalted wood soaks up more oil than non-spalted Birch, meaning that as the oil oxidises and dries, it can help strengthen the weaker wood structure that has been left after the fungus has passed through.

Sought after by woodworkers, the unique colouration and patterns of spalted wood will develop their wonderful patinas with age.